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During the month of November, we will continue our study of Human Body Systems. Systems by grade level are as follows:


K~ The 5 Senses. Students are creating a book of their 5 senses and how they use them in everyday life.
1~ Head to Toe. First graders are learning the major organs and creating a body map they will label.
2~ How We Think. Second graders are studying the brain and creating a brain book. Ask them about the 3 major parts of the human brain.
3~ Eyes. Third graders are learning the parts of the eye, how they work together and will be experimenting and making observations with optical illusions, how light/dark affect the iris and how other animals see (like insects).
4~ Dental Health. We are learning not only about dental hygiene, but what makes up a tooth and why they have different jobs. We will do an experiment to see how well Ms. Bolling brushes!
5~The Nervous System. Students are learning how the brain processes information from the nervous system. They will create a brain and label the major parts of it in conclusion to this unit.
6~ Cells. Sixth graders are learning about the different cells in the body, how they replicate, and what cells are made up of. Students will create a complete cell and label it for their final project. This will be done in class.


Toward the end of the month we will begin our next unit: Nutrition. This is highly interactive and students will have opportunities to practice using their nutrition knowledge.

We will also be having the second quarter personal safety lesson coming up sometime during the first couple weeks of December. This lesson will build on the valuable knowledge your child had with the first quarter lesson. We will read an age appropriate book provided by the Anchorage School District. Each grade level has a different story, and they are really great learning tools. Our goal is to give your child the skills to keep themselves safe in different situations. If there are any questions, please feel free to email me at:


Your Health Teacher Specialist,

Amanda Bolling
Alpenglow & Airport Heights