Things to Know


Here at Alpenglow Elementary School we have many staff members and families that are dog lovers. We love our dogs and many of us treat them like children. Sometimes dogs leave messes. Sometimes children are frightened or have an allergy. Sometimes dogs do not like other dogs. So, for the safety and comfort of students, staff, parents and other campus visitors, please do not bring your dog or other pets on to school grounds during school hours 8:30a - 4:00p. If you must bring your pet to pick up or drop off your student, make arrangements to do so at a point off campus. If you visit our playground after hours, please pick up after your dog. Thank you for your willingness to ensure student comfort and safety.


Social Media

Facebook has become integrated deeply into the fabric of everyday society and communication. Since communication with the Alpenglow community is an important issue, we use this mode of social media as an opportunity to engage with parents, broadcast news and information, and build an audience around the school. The purpose of our Facebook page for Alpenglow is to maintain a positive and informative flow of communication while protecting the privacy and rights of our community.

When communicating, posting or agreeing to comments electronically, parents should consider the impact this may have on children, staff and other parents. If parents identify themselves as members of the school community they should not act in a manner that might unintentionally bring the school or the PTA into disrepute. Parents should also be aware that posting certain information or comments about the school, other parents, staff or children, may have unforeseen negative consequences for individuals and for the reputation of the school itself.

The Alpenglow staff and PTA respectfully ask parents not to make comments of an abusive, harmful or offensive nature about individuals. Please consider the following questions before posting comments online:

  • Might this comment reflect poorly on you, the children who attend the school, teaching staff or other parents in the local community? 
  • Are you confident that the comment, if accessed by others (parents, teachers, young people) would be considered reasonable and appropriate? 
  • Is your intention to post this material driven by personal reasons? 
  • Do you have all the facts?

Please contact the school when personal situations or questions arise. Thank you for your continued support in using social media appropriately to maintain the highest standards of communication in relation to the work of the school.