Parking Lot Info

Parking Lot Parking Lot Expectations 

Our number one goal at Alpenglow is to provide a safe and secure learning environment. So that you can help us do that, here are some guidelines to remember as you pick-up and drop-off your child:

  • Be patient and vigilant.
  • Have your child prepared to exit your vehicle immediately upon entering the drop-off area. 
  • Students must only exit on the right side of the car. 
  • Stay in your car while it is in the pick-up or drop-off line. 
  • If you need to get out of your car to help your child, please park in the parking lot. 
  • While approaching the drop-off/pick-up zone, avoid double parking, double stopping, or pulling ahead of others who are patiently waiting in line. 
  • Pull as far forward as you can before letting your child out of the car or picking them up. 
  • Check your rear-view mirror before pulling away from the curb. 
  • Yield to all buses. 
  • Obey the crossing guard and our duty staff. “No person shall fail or refuse to comply with a lawful signal of an authorized school crossing guard in reference to the movement of vehicles in areas where crosswalks exist.” (9.20.110)
  • Please treat the circle as a single lane.  Wait in line until you are exiting after dropping-off/picking-up.
  • The speed limit is 5 mph. 
  • Drivers and children are to always defer to staff for directions.    

Driftwood Bay Drive: 

  • You may park or students may be dropped off or picked up along Driftwood Bay Drive. 
  • Make sure to drop students on the school side of the street. 
  • Walking students must use the crosswalk to cross to the school side. 
  • Do not make a U-turn. 
  • In the winter, take care not to park such that the two lane right-of-way is blocked.