From the Nurse



  • FEVER---A fever is a warning that the body is fighting an infection that could easily spread to others. A child with a temperature of 100 F should not be sent to school; s/he should stay home until fever-free without the use of fever reducing medications.
  • COLDs---Are more difficult to assess.  A slightly runny nose and occasional dry cough is not enough to keep your child home.  However, if your child’s nose runs constantly and/or the cough is frequent and wet, or your child is experiencing nausea or is too tired and uncomfortable to function at school, please keep the child at home for a day or two. 
  • COUGH---If your child has a severe cough, rapid and/or difficult breathing, wheezing, or bluish tint to the skin, or the cough is accompanied by a sore throat, fever or not feeling well, the child should stay home from school and go to the doctor.  Also, if your child is coughing constantly for whatever reason, please keep him/her at home, as this will disrupt the learning environment for your child as well as all the other students in the classroom, in addition to exposing others to potential infection.  Take your child to the doctor if this is your child’s situation, as it may signify serious illness.
  • EYES---Red, itchy eyes with a clear, yellow or green drainage from the eye may be contagious and a sign of bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye).  Children with pink eye can attend school ONLY IF they are able to keep from touching their eyes and show that they can independently properly wash hands after contact with the affected eye.
  • MEDICATIONS---The school district has very specific rules for all medications in school, including cough drops.  Please see the School Nurse if your child requires any medications while at school.
  • SORE THROAT---If your child has a sore throat, have the child gargle with warm salt water.  If his/her behavior is normal and the child ate breakfast, it’s probably safe to send him/her to school.  If the child has difficulty swallowing or can’t swallow, please keep the child at home and make an appointment with your doctor.  If you notice white spots in the back of the throat, please make a doctor’s appointment; this could be a sign of strep throat, which, if left untreated, could lead to very serious medical complications.
  • VOMITING/NAUSEA---Please keep your child home if he or she has vomited more than twice in 24 hours.  Also, if your child vomits during the night or in the morning before school, please keep him/her home to avoid the unnecessary discomfort and embarrassment of vomiting at school.
  • *UNUSUAL MEDICAL SITUATION---If your child has a significant accident or illness off school grounds, is seen by a doctor and returns to school with a cast/splint/crutches, heart monitor or other medical monitoring equipment, please contact the nurse to advise her of the same, and ask your doctor to provide a note for the nurse regarding time frames for restrictions from PE and recess and/or any other medically pertinent information.